Quantize Recordings has just celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first release.

Our co-founders, DJ Spen and Thommy Davis, started the label in 2012 as a way to release dance music that they love. According to DJ Spen, “In addition to releasing our own records, the plan was to release records from other producers that we felt represented our vision of dance music.

We wanted Quantize to be a platform, or really a springboard, to help creators learn about the music industry and share their music with the world. The music we release might have elements of funk, gospel, blues, jazz, or gospel, but soul is at the heart of everything we do.

The unquantize sub-label was started in 2014 as an outlet that allows us to experiment with different types of dance music such as deep, afro, acid, tech, and pop. In March 2022 we launched the newest member of our label family, QU3, which will explore more modern and edgier sounds.

Music Spotlight

Decadence – Celebrating 10 Years of Quantize Recordings

Geoffrey C
“This Is Hot”